Shaun Fair

Birthdate: September 7th, 1990
Hometown: Waverley, NS
Residence: Waverley, NS
Canoe Club: Cheema
Sport: Men's Kayak


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Shaun started paddling at the Cheema Aquatic Club in Waverley, NS when he was seven. Growing up with role models like Richard Dalton and Karen Furneaux has inspired Shaun to pursue his dreams in the sport. Shaun’s father Rick was a National Team coach in the 1980s and has also encouraged him in the sport. 


Shaun posted an eighth place result in the K1 200 at the 2013 U23 World Championships. He also competed at the 2007 Junior World Championships in K1 500 and K4 1000. He now specializes in the 200 metre events and is a training partner to Mark de Jonge. Aside from being a National Team paddler, Shaun is studying psychology at Saint Mary's University and he also enjoys playing guitar.  

Action Shots

bochum training
NTT2, 2010
NTT2, 2010
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2013 U23 World Championships (Welland, Canada) K1 200 – 8th

2009 World Cup 3 (Szeged, Hungary) K1 200 - 13th

2009 World Cup 3 (Szeged, Hungary) K4 200 - 7th

2009 World Cup 2 (Poznan, Poland) K4 1000 - 16th

2007 Junior World Championships (Racice, Czech Republic) K1 500 – 12th

2007 Junior World Championships (Racice, Czech Republic) K4 1000 – 12th

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