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World Cup preview - May 27th, 2010

OTTAWA – Olympic medallists Adam van Koeverden of Oakville, Ont., and Thomas Hall of Pointe-Claire, Que., headline a 33-member Canadian team for the second stop on the sprint canoe and kayak World Cup circuit this Friday to Sunday (May 28-30) in Szeged, Hungary.


Except for van Koeverden, this is actually the fist international race of the season for the Canadian paddlers.  Three weeks ago at the World Cup in Vichy, France, van Koeverden earned the silver in the K-1 500 metres and the bronze in the K-1 1,000.


The World Cup team was determined following the first national team trials two weeks ago in Montreal.  The Canadians arrived in Hungary on Monday and they will also compete at the World Cup in Duisburg, Germany the following weekend which will have an impact on Canadian team selections for the world championships this August in Poland.


“The World Cup this week is an opportunity to see where we stand against the rest of the world at this point in the season,” said Graham Barton, CanoeKayak Canada’s sprint high performance director.  “We’ll be looking at our race strategies, making the necessary adjustments as well as looking to see good performances.”


Hall will race Friday in the C-1 500 and 1,000 metre and renew a strong rivalry with Mark Oldershaw of Burlington, Ont., who won the 1,000-metre event at trials.


“The World Cups offer another dynamic and I’m really looking forward to that,” said Hall.  “There are potentially nine guys in the final that’ll be within a second of each other.”


Van Koeverden is entered in the K-1 500 and 1,000 as well as the 5,000 while Richard Dober of Trois-Rivieres, Que., and Andrew Willows of Gananoque, Ont., the world championships bronze medallists in the K-2 200 last year, will race in their prime event.


On the women’s side, Canada’s world championship K-4 500 team of Mylanie Barré of Lac-Beauport, Que., Émilie Fournel of Montreal,  Kristin Gauthier of Ottawa and Genevieve Orton of Lake Echo, N.S., is reunited for this World Cup


Competition gets underway Friday with heats and semifinals in the 500 and 1,000 metre events.  On Saturday, it’s the 1,000 metre finals and 200-metre heats and semis and on Sunday the 200, 500 and 5,000 finals.  Full results are available on-line at:



Canadian assignments for the sprint canoe and kayak World Cup event in Szeged, Hungary May 28-30”






K-1 200-metres: Andrew Willows, Gananoque, Ont.; Richard Dober Jr, Trois-Rivieres, Que.


K-2 200 : Ryan Cochrane, Windsor, N.S. and Hugues Fournel, Dorval, Que.; Richard Dober Jr, Trois-Rivieres, Que., and Andrew Willows, Gananoque, Ont.


K-1 500: Adam van Koeverden, Oakville, Ont.; Angus Mortimer, Otttawa


K-2 500: Brady Reardon, Burlington, Ont., and Rhys Hill, Ottawa; Connor Taras, Waverley, N.S., and Corey Hamilton, Ottawa


K-1 1,000: Adam van Koeverden, Oakville, Ont.; Angus Mortimer, Otttawa


K-2 1,000: Richard Dober Jr, Trois-Rivieres, Que., and Steven Jorens, Candiac, Que; Ryan Cochrane, Windsor, N.S., and Corey Hamilton, Ottawa

K-4 1,000: Connor Taras, Waverley, N.S.; Brady Reardon, Burlington, Ont.; Christopher Mehak, Toronto; Rhys Hill, Ottawa


K-1 5,000: Adam van Koeverden, Oakville, Ont.; Corey Hamilton, Ottawa.




C-1 200: Cory Rublee, Kamloops, B.C.; Richard Dalton, Halifax


C-2 200: Paul Bryant, Richmond Hill, Ont., and Antoine Meunier, Lac-Beauport, Que.; Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny, Trois-Rivieres, Que., and  Andrew Russell, Dartmouth, N.S.


C-1 500: Thomas Hall, Pointe-Claire, Que; Mark Oldershaw, Burlington, Ont.


C-2 500: Cory Rublee, Kamloops, B.C. and Antoine Meunier, Lac-Beauport, Que.


C-1 1,000 : Thomas Hall, Pointe-Claire, Que; Mark Oldershaw, Burlington, Ont.


C-2 1,000: Benjamin Russell, Dartmouth and Richard Dalton, Halifax


C-2 1,000: Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny, Trois-Rivieres, Que., and  Andrew Russell, Dartmouth, N.S.


C-1 5,000 : Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny, Trois-Rivieres, Que.,; Mark Oldershaw, Burlington, Ont.




K-1 200: Émilie Fournel, Montreal; Kia Byers, Regina.


K-2 200: Marie-Pier Langlois, Quebec City and Hannah Vaughan, Dartmouth, N.S.; Genevieve Orton, Lake Echo, N.S., and Mylanie Barre, Lac-Beauport, Que.


K-1 500: Genevieve Orton, Lake Echo, N.S. and Kia Byers, Regina.


K-2 500: Émilie Fournel, Montreal and Kristin Gauthier, Ottawa; Una Lounder, Dartmouth, N.S. and Jillian D’Alessio, Middle Sackville, N.S.


K-4 500 : Mylanie Barre, Lac-Beauport, Que., Émilie Fournel, Montreal, Kristin Gauthier, Ottawa, and Genevieve Orton, Lake Echo, N.S.; Kia Byers, Regina, Una Lounder, Dartmouth, N.S., Marie-Pier Langlois, Quebec City and Hannah Vaughan, Dartmouth, N.S.


K-2 1,000: Jillian D’Alessio, Middle Sackville, N.S., and Kathleen Fraser, Mississauga, Ont.


K-1 5,000: Kathleen Fraser, Mississauga, Ont.; Émilie Fournel, Montreal



C-1 200 : Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, Trois-Rivieres, Que.; Nicole Haywood, Nanaimo, B.C.


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